We have had many inquiries from radio stations around the world regarding providing our radio network service to them for rebroadcast on an hourly basis. Will we do it? Yes, we will, and the good news is we will provide it for FREE!

We will gladly issue you a program license to rebroadcast "3DSJ All Request Radio" by the hour on any over the air radio station in markets where we don't have a paid subscribing station to our service. Paid radio station subscribers take priority over this free service which is similar to what we are currently offering to ailing stations requiring "life support". This option can provide you with free programming content for any day part(s). You can air as much as you like at any time day or night. It can be used as morning drive, mid-day, afternoon drive, evening, overnight and weekends or you can also run it round the clock 24 hours. We stipulate if you rebroadcast by the hour that you choose to broadcast starting at the beginning of an hour and continue through the entire hour uninterrupted by any local content other than required by government regulations or licensee determined public safety information during an emergency. You must air all network commercials contained in the feed and provide us with a daily affidavit .

Please review our genesis and delivery systems.
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Voice: 813-713-3345
Email: billelliott@3dsj.com