Method 2

This is the ultimate system for any broadcast station owner desiring to carry "3DSJ All Request Radio" on your station. It allows complete flexibility to control your local content while using our unique network plus you maintain your entire spot inventory and our feed is commercial free. Integragation between the network and local is completely seemless. There are no predetermined break lengths so you will never hear dead air or sloppy cut off programming.

The distribution system is via simple, inexpensive, modern automation equipment custom manufactured and configured by us that allows for network program files to be transferred to your location via the internet. We use our own system to ensure uniformity across the network resulting in a highly efficient and reliable program distribution method. The audio quality is superb and reliability is second to none. Each station purchases the equipment for their own use.

The cost is $2,300 for each system plus a monthly program service fee which is determined by market size. Rates start at $2,000 per month for small markets and escalate higher for larger and major market stations. While the equipment is extremely reliable, sooner or later every electronic device is subject to fail, either on its own or from other causes so we recommend a redundant system with automatic switching in the event of a failure. The total equipment price for a system with this added layer of reliability is only $4,900.

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