Now that we have told you about our programming formula, let us talk about our delivery system and costs.

Method 1

We realize there are many stations that are in need of "life support". In other words, stations where the owners no longer find it practical to operate them and they have gone dark or are about to. After a year, the FCC will delete the license of those stations making them worthless other than any property value they may have. We believe that no license is worthless and would like to show you how these stations can be revived. The best part is we will help you keep them alive for FREE. The answer is to put programming on them to which people will listen.

3DSJ All Request Radio provides a 24/7 "uninterruptible" network feed to those stations using the Barix distribution system. The Barix 100 or Barix 110 units are reasonably priced at $200 or $250. You can choose either. They may be configured by the station engineer and wired to a reliable internet connection to receive the network. In most cases, that is all that is needed to put the broadcast into your air chain. You must of course have an automatic system for complying with EAS requirements, a designated remote control point and a local phone number to operate the station legally. Music royalty payments are also the responsibility of the licensee. The term "uninterruptible" means the station desires to carry the FREE network feed without any local breaks during the entire broadcast day. There will be no local insertion of spots or content other than FCC required EAS or licensee determined public safety information during an emergency. The network reserves the right to run advertising during our feed. Local hourly station identification will be provided during the network broadcasts.

Method 1, as we said earlier, is a "life support" system for ailing stations. Broadcast station owners in a more sustainable position desiring to improve performance and reduce operating expenses are encouraged to explore Method 2 on the next page.