Bill Elliott
Professional History

Bill Elliott began his career in broadcasting while still in high school in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Richard S. Jackson, owner of local radio station WBEC provided him with some very valuable advice in 1962 when Bill applied for a night time announcing job. Mr. Jackson said, "I feel that perhaps the best advice that could be given to a fellow who is interested in making radio a career, is to suggest that he make it a point of obtaining a first phone license. This is of course not easy, particularly if one does not have a technical background, but it is my impression that it will make you immediately an extremely "saleable" product, and would guarantee you a position with most stations as well as allowing you to command a higher salary." Bill heeded those words, studied hard and two years later, obtained the "golden ticket" which launched an amazing and fun career. His first job was a fulltime position at WBEC as a "Combo" Announcer, Engineer. "Combo" was a big word in those days. It essentially meant doing the jobs of 2 people which many stations were required by the FCC to have on duty to operate the station.

Bill has held a multitude of positions in radio and television since entry into the industry at WBEC and the word "Combo" in many cases has gone along as well. The "Combo" position with the most hats was one as Program Director, Air Talent, Chief Engineer and Salesman (That was the term before someone started calling them Account Executives) was working for Chuck Norman at WGNU AM & FM in St Louis. He has also been a General Manager, Major Market Air Talent, News Director, Chief Engineer, Group Chief Engineer, Consultant and Contractor, Director of Engineering & IT and a National and International Field Service Engineer. He has built and rebuilt radio and television facilities in many parts of the world and worked on radio and television network broadcasts. A partial listing of stations and companies appears below.

WBEC, Pittsfield, MA
WSLT, Ocean City, NJ
WTOR, Torrington, CT
WAAB AM & FM, Worcester, MA (Waterman Broadcasting)
WORC, Worcester, MA (Bob Bryar & Bart Coblentz)
WGNU AM & FM, St Louis (Norman Broadcasting)
KSHE, St Louis (Century Broadcasting)
WRTH, St Louis (Sudbrink Broadcasting & AVCO Radio)
WSRO, Marlboro, MA (Rowe Broadcasting)
WIRK FM, West Palm Beach
WEAT AM & FM, West Palm Beach (Curt Gowdy Broadcasting)
WSRF & WSHE, Ft Lauderdale (Van Patrick Broadcasting)
WTMI, Miami (SJR Communications)
Harris Corporation, Broadcast Division, Quincy, IL
WKCI & WAVZ, New Haven (Bob Zimmerman & Roger Neuhoff)
WCCC AM & FM, Hartford (Sy Dresner)
WKSS, Hartford (Precision Media)
WNLC & WTYD, New London, CT (Norm Drubner)
WADO, New York
WELV AM & FM, Ellenville, NY (R. Peter Straus)
Universal Studios, Orlando
WYUU & WYSP, Tampa (Entercom)
Colorado Station Group (American General Media)
USA Digital Radio, Columbia, MD
HSN, St Petersburg (IAC)
WTPS, Miami (Radio One)
ProTel News, Miami
Red Zebra Stations, DC & VA (Washington Redskins)
Radio & Television Marti (BBG)
WAGM TV, Presque Isle, ME (NEPSK Inc)
WTCE TV, Ft Pierce, FL (TBN)


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