Amazon Echo Basic Commands for TuneIn and Simple Radio
                    "Alexa, play the station 3DSJ on TuneIn"
                      "Alexa, tell Simple Radio to play 3DSJ"
3DSJ Radio Network is a division of Seaway Syndicate LLC
"3DSJ All Request Radio" is a registered trademark, USPTO
Copyright 2019 Seaway Syndicate LLC
Welcome to the worldwide streaming portal for "3DSJ ALL REQUEST RADIO".
We are the first and original radio network to play 100% listener requests 24 hours a day.
Please join us for the largest selection of genre free popular music in the universe.
You can send us your requests by email, telephone or directly from the players below.
Make dedications, wish happy birthday, anniversary or even do marriage proposals.
We are all about "fun" and you are invited to come join our great international party!
Our stream plays on all modern listening devices. Click on the app best for you below.
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